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November 13 2014

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Elizabeth Banks attends the World Premiere of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’ on November 10, 2014 in London, England.

This dress is magic.

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let's leave the past behind us
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I shouldn't say it but I'm starting to think I care
I've had a drink, you probably think my judgement isn't clear
And it's getting late now, we're a long way from our homes
Before you leave, before you grieve,
there's one thing you should know:

When you hold me,
when you hold me in your arms I can feel your heart
When you hold me,
when you hold me in your arms I can feel your heart beating

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Return to Magenta, Francis Flower

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August 06 2014


July 15 2014

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Znajoma podesłała mi kiedyś to zdjęcie żeby pokazać jak wyglądają u niej zimowe poranki.
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